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Fueled by Innovation!

Delphi’s revolutionary new fuel analyser offers first level fuel diagnostics

Independent research has shown that up to 80 percent of diesel engine problems stem from contaminated or poor quality fuel. Running vehicles on sub-standard fuel can lead to performance issues such as filter plugging, injector coking, piston ring sticking and breaking. Such problems need to be identified at the earliest possible opportunity in order to minimise longer term damage to the engine. Immediate and accurate analysis of the fuel is therefore critical.

Using Delphi’s new Fuel Analyser, technicians will be able to perform a first level diagnostic to check if the fuel meets the latest EN590 standard and identify potential contamination problems. Similarly, commercial vehicle fleets can use the tool to analyse the quality of fuel before refuelling, reducing the risk of fuel-related engine damage. Until now, options have been limited, with most workshops choosing to send samples to a specialist laboratory for analysis, costing both time and money.

Incorporating patented electronic technology, the robust, hand-held unit is designed to provide workshops, garages and fleets with real time analysis of fuel content at an affordable price. It specifies the level of bio diesel in the fuel sample and identifies whether impurities such as non-refined vegetable oils and petrol are present, giving immediate and accurate results via a digital display screen. The volume of fuel required to undertake the analysis is only 46ml, which can be retrieved from the fuel pump or filter. This will allow technicians receiving only system components to check the fuel, just as easily as those working directly on the vehicle. With this data, the user can quickly establish whether there is an unacceptable amount of bio diesel or any impurities present that may impact on the fuel injection system.

The complete fuel analyser kit from Delphi includes a USB cable, a mains adapter, three 50ml measuring tubes, a quickstart guide and a CD with a user manual and reporting software. It is available in 10 languages through our network of authorised Delphi distributors and workshops.