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Supporting on-vehicle electrical diagnostics

Delphi offers a comprehensive range of break-out equipment including break-out cables, boxes and tee in harnesses. As Common Rail injectors are controlled electronically, a full diagnostic check must include testing of their electrical connections. Until now this has not always been possible. Our wide range of break-out cables helps technicians pinpoint the root cause of electrical faults with Common Rail injectors. This allows the technician to identify faults at an early stage, eliminating the needless removal and refitting of injectors.

Used in conjunction with DIAMAND 2 or a stand-alone oscilloscope, Delphi’s range of mini break-out boxes allows the testing of sensors without any damage to vehicle components. Plus, they provide all-makes capability across a wide range of additional vehicle electronic systems such as braking and air-conditioning.

We also offer a comprehensive range of break out boxes and tee in harnesses for Delphi OE applications. Again, used in conjunction with either DIAMAND 2 or a stand-alone oscilloscope, they measure the voltages and resistance of a systems harness without damaging the connector pins.

The Delphi Difference

  • Supports on vehicle electrical diagnostics
  • Covers all Delphi Common Rail vehicles plus all makes capability on other electronic systems
  • Prevents the needless removal and refitting of components saving the vehicle owner time and money