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First level fuel diagnostics – checking the levels of biofuel in diesel

Seen as key in tackling climate change, the use of biofuels is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. But because the physical and chemical properties of biofuels are so significantly different to conventional fuels, they are considered to be more susceptible to contamination, and with this comes an increased risk of damage to the diesel engine. Delphi’s innovative fuel analyzer is designed to give fleets, workshops and garages the capability to check the level of biofuel in diesel and identify impurities such as unrefined vegetable oil and petrol, quickly and cost effectively. A robust, portable handheld unit, the tool will enable technicians to identify if the fuel conforms to European fuel quality standard EN 590:2009 or American fuel quality standard ASTM D975-09, and as such, whether fuel is the root cause of any diesel engine related issues. It also allows fleets to regularly monitor and analyse their fuel, and thus avoid filling up with non-standard or contaminated fuel. By detecting diesel fuel issues at an early stage, or even better preventing them in the first place, Delphi’s diesel fuel analyzer will help to mitigate the impact and subsequent effects of biofuels or poor quality fuel. This can significantly reduce costs and inconvenience for the vehicle owner or operator.

The process from initial calibration to taking measurement and viewing results takes only a couple of minutes, saving both time and money

The Delphi Difference

  • Quick and cost-effective first level fuel diagnosticss - initial calibration to viewing results takes only a couple of minutes
  • Requires only 46ml of fuel, which can be extracted from the fuel pump or fuel filter, allowing technicians who only receive system components to diagnose fuel issues just as easily as those working on the vehicle.
  • Patented electronic sensor technology measures biofuel within 1% accuracy
  • Simple navigation menu ensuring ease of use
  • USB port allows interface for data download, option to print results and ongoing upgrade