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Delphi OE fuel pumps for light-duty applications

As a world leader in the innovation design and manufacture of diesel fuel injection systems, Delphi has many years experience in the light-duty market. Our rotary fuel injection pumps can be found on millions of cars and light commercial vehicles around the world. These include:

  • DPC - designed for fast, indirect diesel engines, the Delphi DPC pump features the internal cam pumping technology used on other Delphi pumps.
  • DPCN - developed specifically for indirect injection diesel engines, it is based on the well-proven DPC technology, using advanced electronics to provide enhancements in emissions control and passenger comfort.
  • EPIC - a full-authority fuel injection system for both direct injection and indirect injection diesel engines. The Delphi EPIC pump uses “fly by wire” technology to reduce engine noise and vibration and improve fuel economy and emissions.

Whilst Common Rail has succeeded rotary as the technology of today, there is still a significant parc of DPC, DPCN and EPIC fuel pumps that require servicing. In support of this, Delphi offers an extensive pump repair program including parts, tools, test equipment and training through its authorized diesel network.

The Delphi Difference

  • Previously fitted as OE to leading manufacturers including Renault, PSA, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, VW and Tata
  • Significant parc of vehicles fitted with Delphi rotary fuel pumps on the roads today
  • Cost-effective pump repair available through our specialist network