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As the Vehicle Electronics Revolution continues to drive the development of today’s complex parts and systems, it’s no wonder logging nearly 80 hours of training a year has almost become a necessity for technicians. Delphi brings forward the critical OE technical knowledge you need through comprehensive instructor-led, hands-on classes and webinars that cover subjects like hybrid, powertrain diagnostics and diesel common rail engine systems.

What We Offer

Leader-Led Training Seminars

  • Interactive communication to promote the latest in-depth technical and diagnostic information so technicians can stay current on service and repair trends.


  • Complete Web-based training program.
  • Easy-to-access, up-to-date training.
  • Convenient training from the comfort of your shop or home.

Automotive Hotline

  • Tele-diagnostic support by certified ASE Master Technicians as well as L-1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialists.
  • Dedicated team for specific import and domestic vehicle OEMs.

Self-Study Training Courses

  • Stay current with changing technology from the comfort of your own home.

All leader-led and self-study courses include a sturdy, spiral-bound printed guide that can be laid flat and opened to the desired page.

Click here to download the North America training & diagnostics brochure.

To sign-up for training programs, call 877-550-TECH (8324)

Click here to download the Europe training & diagnostics brochure.

Below are just some of the courses we offer at our training schools around the globe:

Injector Servicing and Diagnostics
Geared towards technicians the course covers diesel Common Rail and petrol injectors, providing them with the skills and knowledge to carry out diagnostics, cleaning, and testing procedures to Delphi standards.

Delphi Vehicle Electronics
Delphi offers a suite of courses designed to provide technicians with a significant depth of knowledge and understanding of modern vehicle electronic systems, helping them to prepare for successful and confident fault diagnosis on the very latest vehicles.

Common Rail Injector Repair
Targeted at authorised Common Rail workshops, the course guides the technician through the repair process from start to finish. The course includes fault finding techniques, system dismantling, operation, repair, reassembly and finally test.

Advanced ABS and TCS (Chassis Control Systems)
The course provides an in-depth understanding of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and associated chassis control systems. It includes content on electronic brake force distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), vehicle stability control (VSC/DSC/ESP), as well as general diagnostic practices.

Engine Management and Diagnosis
This course is designed to provide the technician with a basic understanding of electronically controlled engine systems for basic diagnosis and repair. The course’s content includes an explanation of oscilloscope use in conjunction with sensor diagnosis, electronic fuel injection (EFI), fault finding techniques, methods of diagnosis and use of fault codes amongst others.

Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle Systems
With the increasing volume of Hybrid technology on the roads today, it is critical for technicians to understand how to work on these vehicles safely and efficiently. The course educates technicians on the key aspects of Hybrid systems in order to ensure safe use and diagnosis.

Maximizing the Delphi Service Centre Opportunity
Targeted at the Delphi Service Centre, the course provides commercial skills and best practice advice to help the garage maximize their opportunities. The course content includes learning about the marketplace, attracting new business, maximizing potential from new and existing customers and developing strategic action plans, just to name a few.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle for 1st Responders
The number of hybrid electric vehicles on the road is expected to reach over 2 million in the next 5 years. Each year thousands of them are involved in accidents and roadside breakdowns. Most have potentially lethal levels of high voltage electrical current that can further complicate the jobs of police, fire, rescue and recovery personnel.

OBD-II Scanner
This series of classes will highlight the diagnosing and repair of Oxygen Sensors, Catalyst Monitor Failures, Misfire Monitor Failures, Fuel Control Monitor, Evaporative Systems, EGR, and Mode $06.

Business & Operations: Generating Service Sales
In today’s highly competitive auto repair industry, customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business. That is why it’s so important that your training dollars extend beyond the service bay to reach the service counter. After all, satisfying today’s demanding customers require more than just a crew of competent technicians – it takes skilled service advisors as well! In this course, service advisors will learn how to interact more effectively with both customers and technicians. In addition, they’ll discover techniques that will make them more proficient at telephone communication, writing work orders, and selling service. Often times a first impression becomes a lasting impression. That’s why the role of Service Advisor is so vital to the overall success of your repair facility.

Air Conditioning Service
This updated seminar covers the latest diagnostic and service procedures to help address various system performance problems. We’ll discuss what’s going on with the new refrigerants and the J2788 standards and what it could mean for your business. Learn the procedures that help safeguard against compressor failures and what you can do to help avoid comebacks. You’ll get current service information and tech bulletins that can help you stay ahead.

Advanced Fuel System
This course is specific to fuel systems, fuel pumps, modular reservoir assemblies (MRA), fuel pressure regulators, fuel injectors and oxygen sensors. We’ll review newer technologies like direct fuel injection and control strategies that will help your shop and technicians to keep pace with the changes in automotive technology. Other discussions in this course will include diagnosis, test procedures, service bulletins and factory updates.

For more information on our extensive training program, or for details on how to register for any of these courses, please contact your Delphi representative.